Elections belong to the people

Not to political parties. Not to candidates. And certainly not to corporations.

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AUDIT USA has developed ballot image auditing instructions and tools to ensure transparency in the 2020 election. We must know that votes are counted correctly!

AUDIT is fighting nationwide — and especially in key states and counties — to have local election officials implement specific steps for this November’s elections that will bring transparency to the 2020 election vote tabulation process. This is one area of focus among many for the individuals and organizations fighting to maintain and strengthen the foundation of our democracy.  To learn more about the many efforts underway to protect our rights to elect our leaders, or to volunteer in these efforts, please visit Scrutineers.org. Scrutineers trains volunteers and then connects them with others in their communities, including how to do ballot image auditing.

You can help the United States have transparent and publicly verified elections.

If you would like to learn more about ballot image auditing, or would like to financially support this work, read on! 

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AUDIT USA’s work often entails filing lawsuits against election officials who do not follow federal requirements to maintain election materials — including scanned ballot images — for 22 months. Many lawyers assist us at no cost, but we must raise funds to cover filing fees and other expenses. You can support ballot image auditing by making a contribution.

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You can read detailed information about ballot image auditing by selecting any of the options under “Ballot Image Project” in the menu at the top. And learn more about AUDIT USA.

We post updates on our current work on the AUDIT USA Facebook page. Below are our three most recent posts.

Vote counting is not a matter of left or right, but of right or wrong!

7 days ago


Please watch and share if you care about our country and the cynicism that is destroying our democracy. As we in the United States enter another crucial election cycle in 2022, it is essential to remember that the policies which support our elections are critical to the strength of our fragile, damaged, hackable democracy. At AUDIT USA, we are known for stimulating public debate and trying to break up Groupthink. Groupthink is a way of thinking where members of a cohesive group accept a viewpoint, or a conclusion, whether it is correct or not, which then becomes a group consensus. Groupthink stifles debate and ridicules other views, and it’s a big part of our election system. It is, sadly, effective because other ideas, facts, and opinions are shut down.
This recount that's happening in Maricopa is really the first recount done on this election, and the other three were not recounts or audits. I expect to find nothing wrong in the presidential race or the US Senate race. However, I hope to help some people who were gaslighted to become UN-gaslighted, and this can only be done with facts by doing some unusual and odd test. Please listen to the video, and I will explain this and more. youtu.be/FUOKEsMlzjY?t=968

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