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AUDIT USA has developed ballot image auditing instructions and tools to ensure transparency in the 2020 election. We must know that votes are counted correctly!

AUDIT is fighting nationwide — and especially in key states and counties — to have local election officials implement specific steps for this November’s elections that will bring transparency to the 2020 election vote tabulation process. This is one area of focus among many for the individuals and organizations fighting to maintain and strengthen the foundation of our democracy.  To learn more about the many efforts underway to protect our rights to elect our leaders, or to volunteer in these efforts, please visit Scrutineers.org. Scrutineers trains volunteers and then connects them with others in their communities, including how to do ballot image auditing.

You can help the United States have transparent and publicly verified elections.

If you would like to learn more about ballot image auditing, or would like to financially support this work, read on! 

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AUDIT USA’s work often entails filing lawsuits against election officials who do not follow federal requirements to maintain election materials — including scanned ballot images — for 22 months. Many lawyers assist us at no cost, but we must raise funds to cover filing fees and other expenses. You can support ballot image auditing by making a contribution.

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You can read detailed information about ballot image auditing by selecting any of the options under “Ballot Image Project” in the menu at the top. And learn more about AUDIT USA.

We post updates on our current work on the AUDIT USA Facebook page. Below are our three most recent posts.

Vote counting is not a matter of left or right, but of right or wrong!

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On Tonight's FIGHTING BACK Wednesday 24, 2021. We will take a deep dive into this subject with our special guest. Attorney for Libertarian Party- Michael Kielsky, and AUDIT Expert- John Roberts Brakey. So make sure not to miss Fighting Back. So, why isn’t the best evidence "Ballot Images" being presented? Video link: youtu.be/YObm0Hzd-bs

PRESS RELEASE AUDIT ELECTIONS USA helps Maricopa County Libertarian Party initiate lawsuit. PHOENIX, AZ -- John Brakey, Director of AUDIT ELECTIONS USA (formerly AUDIT AZ), was supposed to be the designated observer for the Maricopa County Libertarian Party at a post-election audit of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa, which began February 1 and is expected to continue into March. Brakey, who has 17 years’ experience in monitoring, observing, and investigating elections in Arizona and numerous other states, has been unable to attend the audit because the county banned all political party observers, in violation of Arizona law. The Maricopa County Libertarian Party filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the county Recorder’s office, challenging the exclusion of its presence at the audit.

Press Release: “It’s vital that political party observers be allowed to attend the audit,” Brakey said. AUDIT ELECTIONS USA is a nonpartisan organization. Brakey is a Democrat but for 15 years he has been the designated observer for the Libertarian Party in past elections. Arizona law clearly requires that political parties be permitted to have a designated representative observe all election tabulations, audits, and testing of election equipment.

“Arizona political parties have been involved throughout the election and we need to be included now,” said Brandon Slayton, Chair of the Maricopa County Libertarian Party. “It doesn’t make sense to omit key stakeholders when the audit’s goal is to instill public confidence in our system.”

The county’s Public Notice about the audit, which is still posted on the county website and on its Facebook and Twitter. Accounts, states that the political parties are invited to the audit. They were banned instead. Even though the county excluded political parties, however, they did invite an extensive list of other observers, including the League of Women Voters.

“The League of Women Voters is a great organization,” Brakey said, “but they might not have sufficient knowledge of the technical aspects of what they are observing. It appears they may have been invited as a cheering gallery, not as experts who can discern what is important and what is not.” Brakey added, “More importantly, they are not a substitute for political party representation and don’t have the same stake in the outcome of this exercise as political parties have.”

Brakey questions why political party observers have been excluded. He also questions why the county is not conducting a more meaningful audit, such as looking at the ballot images from the election. Ballot images are photos taken of every vote as they are scanned into the voting machines. The votes are counted from the photos, not from the paper ballots themselves. Thanks to a lawsuit brought several years ago by AUDIT ELECTIONS USA (then AUDIT AZ), Arizona law now requires that ballot images be saved and not deleted. Looking at the ballot images is one important way to confirm election results.

Brakey points out that huge improvements have been made to Maricopa elections over the past few years, but he also believes that the county must do a meaningful audit to counter public skepticism and “not a theatrical show that covers everything except the one thing that would answer the question, which is a count of the ballot images.”

Another concern that Brakey raises is about the hand count audit that was done immediately after the election. “The hand count audit is very important,” Brakey said, “but in Maricopa County they pre-selected the 50 batches of ballots that would be audited before the election results were published, meaning that everyone knew that the remaining 9,000 batches (over 92% of the ballots cast in the election), would not be checked.”

But it is the county’s reluctance to look at the digital ballot images that Brakey finds most perplexing. “The digital ballot images are the best evidence of whether or not the election tabulation is substantially accurate,” Brakey said. “So why isn’t the best evidence of accuracy being presented?” he asks. “I believe the Court will agree that political parties have an absolute legal right to attend this audit.” Link to case file, please read verified complaint: www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov...​ Number=CV2021-002205

John Roberts Brakey

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2 days ago


On Arizona-Elections - On Tonight's FIGHTING BACK Wednesday 24, 2021. We will take a deep dive into this subject with our special guest. Chairman of the Libertarian party - Brandon Slayton. Attorney for Libertarian Party- Michael Kielshy, AUDIT Expert- John Brakey. So make sure not to miss Fighting Back Tonight 7:00 - 8:00pm.
Video Update from Monday Night Show that John Roberts Brakey did with Ron of Hud radio that goes into the Libertarian Party case against the Maricopa Board of Sups / Board Of Elections: youtu.be/lSl4onoAcUc?t=5789

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