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Guilford, N.C., Opts to Return to Paper-Based Voting

Click here to read the article from GovTech about Guilford BoE’s decision.
Our efforts are having an impact!

September 27, 2019 Press Release: NORTH CAROLINA FACED WITH UNVERIFIABLE ELECTIONS (Click to view .pdf)

Stop the ExpressVote!
The ExpressVote Counts Barcodes That Cannot Be Read or Audited By Humans.
Support Hand-Marked Paper Ballot Voting!

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Update 9/10/19: Congratulations to the voters of Caswell and Wilson Counties, and thanks to their Boards of Elections for selecting hand-marked paper ballot voting systems. You’re saving money and increasing the security of your elections!

We hope more counties will follow your lead.

How Much Would the ExpressVote Cost in Your County?

Use the links below to view our cost estimates for each county considering purchasing the ExpressVote system.

Open Letters to Boards of Elections of NC Counties Using DRE (touchscreen) voting systems:

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