About AUDIT Elections USA


Elections Rightfully Belong to The People

Not to political parties. Not to the candidates.
And certainly not to corporations.

AUDIT USA works for election transparency -- so regular people can verify whether our votes are counted accurately.


Nearly all votes cast in the United States are fed into computers for counting. Even if you vote on a paper ballot, that ballot is scanned into a computer, not counted by hand. While that may sound efficient, it’s a huge problem. Because these computers can be programmed to produce any result, no matter how the voters voted.

We need a return to transparent and publicly verified elections.

What can we do about it?

Fortunately, the new generation of electronic vote-counting machines has a feature designed just for that.

Ballot scanners create a digital image of every ballot and count the votes on the images (not the paper ballots).

Digital image files can safely be made public for oversight without violating voter privacy.

These machines are already in use in counties and states all over the country.

But elections officials are destroying the ballot images, which are legally protected election materials!

AUDIT-USA is setting out to change that through our Ballot Images Project. You can help.

Would you trust election results more if YOU could count the votes?

Imagine if you and a group of your friends could count the votes in your community and match your totals against official results. And even challenge the official results when they're wrong (which they often are).

This is actually possible. We’re making it a reality.

Courts have already ruled in our favor in both Arizona and Alabama. We’re now taking our project nationwide.



Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections

We’re a non-partisan group of experienced advocates for election transparency. We’re patriots who believe elections belong to the people, not to political parties or corporations.

Let's face it. Our elections are a mess.

  • People of color, young people, people with criminal histories, and others are being illegally prevented from voting.
  • Corporations sway elections with huge and often secret donations.
  • Gerrymandering (drawing district boundaries for political gain) creates underrepresentation of people of color in government.

All of these are huge problems. Fortunately, excellent organizations all over the country are working on all of these issues. We welcome opportunities to support each other's work.

The focus of AUDIT-USA is on a different part of the election puzzle: election transparency.

  • Election results are determined by counts made on machines that tabulate our votes in secret and can produce inaccurate election results through malfunction or manipulation.

The problems are huge, but people like you can have a positive impact. How can we be sure? We’re people like you, and we’re already making a difference! Read our blog for some of the stories of our work.

Together we can achieve transparent, publicly verifiable elections. Can we count on your help?

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