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This page contains links to legal documents from AUDIT USA’s court cases, sorted by state, with most recent/active case at the top.

Florida — Ballot Image Preservation

Case 4:18-cv-00529-MW-CAS Document 32 Filed 12/26/18

Links to case documents:

Memorandum Supporting Preliminary Injunction DE

Motion Preliminary InjunctionDE

Amended Complaint Complete with Attachments.12-26-2018DE


Motion to Dismiss (Supervisor of Election defendants)

Motion to Dismiss (State defendants)

AUDIT USA Response to Motion to Dismiss

Order Granting Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss


1. Transcript Excerpt of the November 17, 2018 Broward County Canvassing Board

2. State of Florida General Records Schedule GS3 for Elections Records

3. Affidavit of Dr. Thomas W. Ryan

4. Affidavit of John R. Brakey

5. ES&S Test Plan for EAC VVSG 1.0 Certification Testing (4/6/2018)

6. Ballot Image Information on ES&S Systems, Issued 11/1/2018

7. Affidavit of Susan Pynchon

8. AUDIT USA White Paper on How Digital Ballot Images are Saved on DS850

9. AUDIT USA White Paper on ES&S System for Auditing and Adjudication

10. AUDIT USA White Paper on Dominion Digital Ballot Images Used for Auditing and Adjudication

11. AUDIT USA Ballot Image Audit Guide for Candidates and Campaigns (2018)

12. Benedict P. Kuehne October 19, 2018 letter to Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner

13. Brad McVay October 31, 2018 email to Counsel Benedict P. Kuehne and Chris Sautter

14. Florida Elections Director Maria Matthews October 31, 2018 email to Florida SOEs, “Reminder for Upcoming Elections.”

14B. First Letter from Maria Matthews to SOEs 10.31.18

15. Florida Elections Director Maria Matthews November 1, 2018 “clarification memo.”

16. Paul Lux Email to Elections Director Maria Matthews. November 1, 2018

17. Ronald Labasky Memorandum to Florida Supervisors of Elections (November 1, 2018)

18. Enhancing the Election Process for the Commonwealth of Virginia (April 7, 2015)

19. Affidavit of James Shawn Hunter

20. Affidavit of Nathan Gant

21. Affidavit of Michael D. Fox

22. Affidavit of Gregory Nason

23. Affidavit of Jeffrey M. Richards

24. DS850 Operator’s Guide, ES&S (2/26/2014)

25. ES&S Quick Start Guide for Voters DS200 Digital Image Scanner

26. ES&S Voting System Functionality Description

27. AUDIT USA White Paper on Automatic Generation of Ballot Images by Digital Ballot Scanners

28. ES&S Election Systems and Equipment 101 (August 26, 2015)

29. Florida Division of Elections, Voting System Qualification Test Report Election Systems & Software, LLC, EVS Release, Version 1 (January 2018)

30. Florida Voting System Standards, Form DS-DE 101(1-12-2005)

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