Documentation and Manuals for ES&S DS850’s and DS200’s


ES&S DS850 and DS200.

ES&S ElectionWare V1 of 5 Guide 201 pages:

ES&S ElectionWare V2 of 5 Guide 219 pages:

ES&S ElectionWare V3 of 5 Guide 253 pages:

ES&S ElectionWare V4 of 5 Guide 83 pages:

ES&S ElectionWare V5 of 5 Guide 64 pages:

Pima County Operators Guide for EVS5200_DOC_SOP_DS850:

ES&S System Overview EVS5000_OVR00 DS850:

ES&S System Overview EVS5000_SOP00 _Operator Guide for DS200:

California Election Procedures Manual for ES&S Central Count Vote by Mail Scanners  Models 550 and 650:

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