Our Team

John Roberts Brakey

Co-Founder and Director

John Roberts Brakey is an elections investigator, election integrity advocate and former business owner. He is a

co-founder of AUDIT AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and

Transparency in Elections), which has expanded to become AUDIT-USA.

Under John’s leadership, AUDIT-AZ spearheaded a successful Arizona election challenge. The plaintiffs succeeded in gaining access to “proprietary” election materials which helped them prove that a local bond election had been rigged by individuals with official access to election machinery.

John and AUDIT-AZ have played a major role in making Arizona elections more secure through advocacy and litigation.

Brakey filed a legal challenge to the 2016 Arizona Presidential

Primary election for targeted disenfranchisement of parts of the population heavily supportive of candidate Bernie Sanders.

He has recently developed a

new method of election verification: mobilizing the public to use digital ballot images created by digital scan voting machines to verify or challenge official vote counts.

Election transparency and public oversight are the goals that drive John to travel all over the country speaking and educating people about the dangers in our current election system and what members of the community can do about it.

A dedicated gadfly, John is

determined to make sure no election insider or outside hacker can manipulate an election with impunity (exemption from punishment). Making it more difficult to rig or hack an election without getting caught and punished will serve as a deterrent to future election crimes.

Emily Levy portrait
Emily Levy

Director of Communications

Emily Levy has been a leader

in the election security movement since 2004, when she coordinated the first phase of the precinct-level statistical forensic investigation into the presidential election in Ohio.

She has worked on election

projects in her home state of California as well as in Arizona, New York, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Her writings on election issues

have been published by The Hill, Op-Ed News, and The BRAD BLOG.

Arlene Leaf

Co-Founder and Treasurer

Arlene Leaf’s involvement in the movement for election integrity began the day after the 2004 election and Ohio fiasco.

Notably, she worked with John Brakey and others to investigate and expose the fraudulent Tucson bond election a year and a half later.

Arlene has served AUDIT-AZ and now AUDIT-USA as treasurer as well as editor, sounding board, and a key part of the organizations’ support system.

“Everyone can participate in overseeing that votes are counted accurately,” she says.

She looks forward to the work of AUDIT-USA making that a reality.

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