Links Chronicling the Pursuit of Ballot Images in Pima County, Arizona

Ballot Images = Transparent, Trackable, Publicly Verifiable Elections as a Solution to Prevent Election Fraud.

Ballot Images are an impunity buster. Fraction Magic changes numbers but can’t change ballot images.  


Video of Court Proceeding  By John Brakey ED of AUDITAZ 10.15.16

Video of 1st Court Hearing from Aug 30th, 2016:

Video of 2nd Court Hearing Oct 14th, 2016:



EX 00 Def Propaganda BOS Huckelberry Ballot Images PCEIC 8.23.2016


01 Plaintiff Hernandez v Pima County Application for TRO Court Copy 8.24.16


02 Plaintiff Hernandez v Pima County Verified Complaint Court Copy with Ex A 8.24.16


03 Def Pima County Response to Richard Hernandez Election Ballot Image case 8.29.16


04 Plaintiff Response to Def Motion to Dismiss 9.21.16


05 Def County Reply Brief with Exhibits on 10.7.16





EX 01 Pima County Public-Records-Request-8.15.16 JB5


EX 02 Pima County Public-Records-Request-3rd notice 9.2.16 JB


Ex 03A Pima County Public-Records-Request ask for Ballot Images-9.14.16


Ex 03B Pima County Public-Records-Request follow up 3-9.23.16 JB5


EX 04 Judge order of hearing doc00345520160825133516-1 8.25.16


Ex 05 Plaintiff Exhibit Jurkowitz option No. 08-01 on Ballot scanning in 4 10. 08


EX 06 Plaintiff Pima Co Huckelberry reply to _Issues Raised by Public at Canvass 9.6.16


EX 07 Pima Co Brad Nelson reply to PRR 9.8.16


EX 08 Pima Co Huckelberry reply to _Issues Raised by Public at Canvass 9.6.16


Ex 02 Plaintiff Exhibit Jurkowitz option No. 08-01 on Ballot scanning in 4 10. 08


Newly added as of 10/16/2016:

Link to Karen McKim Video that got me fired up on ballot images: The last five minutes are particularly important. A small group of people could get together and do this with a laptop and flat screen TV).


I have more that need to be scanned JRB 10/15/16

PS: this is 40 minutes long,

Very informative Documentary – The Secret Rules of Modern Living Algorithms Without us noticing, modern life has been taken over. Algorithms run everything from search engines on the internet to satnavs and credit card data security – they even help us travel the world, find love, save lives and also steals elections:



Hi Bev and Mickey, here is links to operations guides I picked up at 4PM today received in records request on ES&S DS850 items 6 and 7 of request generated 5 manuals/guides.

As soon as I received the records and letter below from Mr. Brad Nelson took it to Bill Risner. Bill pointed out that for $1.2 million dollars, you get all the guides and manuals. They are just  a hyperlink away,  which most likely is pointed out in the contract with ES&S that all manuals and guides are on line.   That means they our ours.

Item 3 of 8/15/16 PRR Electronic copy of contract or contracts with ES&S. Pima and Pinal County

Pima County 17-pages contract with ES&S:

Pinal County 899-pages contract with ES&S:

Jim March Simpson ( and AUDIT AZ) has contributed the following useful templates assisting with the construction of records requests.

Jim states:

I’ve written the very best public records request related to elections that I can.  I’ve done something unusual: the parts in black are what you file, interspersed with text in red explaining why you’re doing each step and how to do it.  It’s a tutorial on public records and a records request all in one…you delete the red bits before filing.
I have it in three file formats:

I’m also offering my services in helping people file these and then understand the collection of data they get – especially graphic scans, at the end.  There’s also a strong set of statements about how this request is built on John Brakey’s work and hence making sure his court action is fully funded and pursued is vital.
(Contact John Brakey for more info). 



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