Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County’s Desperate Arguments Against the Court’s Protection of Evidence

 J.T. Waldron Whether they are denying statements made in a hearing four days ago or they are claiming that the Libertarian party’s motivation for prospective relief  is to “make a movie”, Pima County appears to be in a state of panic.   After the Arizona Libertarian Party won their appeal for prospective relief for rigged elections, […]

Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County Loses Bid to Stop Ballot Custody Depositions

J.T. Waldron Citizen’s Agains Rigged ElectionsLeft to Right:  John Kromko, Gayle Hart, Dick Kaiser, Gigi Nitka, Ralph Ellinwood Esq,two dudes. Sherry Mann, John R Brakey, Mary DeCamp,  Arlene Leaf, Ben Love, Bill Risner Esq., New member, “the connect The Dots Lady”  Andrea Witte,  New member, Raymond Graap, Jim March, Radio show host Jack FitzgeraldPhoto by […]

Election Fraud: Arizona’s Ticking Time Bomb Set to Reverberate throughout the Nation

Precedent setting court case could improve election transparency in the United States. The Libertarian party’s pursuit of a remedy against Pima County’s criminality and incompetence can have nationwide implications for disenfranchised voters throughout the country.  The Arizona Supreme Court ruled favorably on behalf of the Libertarian party, who argued that the courts must intervene when […]