Abstract: Publicly Verified Elections are Key to De-corrupting Our Democracy NOW!

By John R. Brakey ED of AUDIT-AZ –  June 6, 2017 Link to paper: http://tinyurl.com/ya62xet2 Please consider a donation so we can continue this important work by going to:https://www.auditelectionsusa.org/ In an “ah ha” moment, election integrity investigators realized that 40% of the voting machines presently in use have the built-in ability to transparently verify reported election results RIGHT NOW! […]

Court Hearing about People’s Right to Verified Elections and “How the Sausage is Made”

By John R Brakey of AUDIT-AZ 5/11/2017 5:30PM Pima County, Tucson, AZ:   I’m so glad that we at AUDIT-AZ film everything! The Defendant Pima county’s attorney, county attorney Daniel Jurkowitz was really working hard to miss lead the judge by making arguments that were misleading by painting a picture that everything is fine and we […]

Election Officials Dig in to Hide Potential Proof of Electronic Vote Rigging on Tuesday


By Ralph Lopez for Hubpages.com Electronic Systems & Software DS200 Optical Scan Vote-Counting Machine Election officials across the country have denied requests from citizens to view and count the digital ballot images which are automatically generated in the majority of US voting precincts. The digital ballot images are a little-known feature of most US voting […]

These Certified Mail Receipts Are Like Winning Tickets in Their Hands


From John Brakey: We are happy because we have the 10 winning tickets in our hands. Now, after all these years including twelve for me forty for my friend and mentor Attorney Bill Risner.  Risner ran for county attorney in 1976 against the status quo in a historically dirty election in Pima county. Well, Bill and I can clearly see the light […]

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente Is Offically Added to Lawsuit with Revised Complaint Requesting Ballot Images


John Brakey Folks: As you know, the Judge in the case held that ballot images are pubic records and must not be destroyed. Now, they must be handled like the original ballots. Next, we go for Part 3 of the plan. We amended our special action to allow us to gain access to the ballot Images and to […]