AUDIT-USA Attorney Chris Sautter Debunks Alabama SOS’ Argument Against Saving Ballot Images

Attorney Chris Sautter with John Brakey of AUDIT-USA

AUDIT USA’s respected Washington, DC Election Attorney and recount expert Chris Sautter explains and debunks Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s argument against saving ballot images on Brad Friedman’s BradCast. Sautter explains that digital ballot imaging greatly simplifies and improves the recount and audit processes. He also shares some behind-the-scenes reaction to the latest battle […]

Interview: John Brakey on Attempt to Preserve Key Election Data in Upcoming Alabama Special Senate Election

I’m being interviewed on Brad Friedman’s show today about our efforts to keep the Alabama Secretary of State from destroying legally protected election records for next week’s special Senate election. Listen to the interview online at Please donate to support our work to preserve the digital ballot images in Alabama’s upcoming special election for Senate. […]

Wisconsin Election Officials Certified Presidential Vote Counts Known to be Wrong

Watch this short interview by Thom Hartmann with my friend and colleague Karen McKim of Wisconsin Election Integrity, discussing the miscounts of votes in the 2016 presidential election in Wisconsin. In one county, over 30% of votes were discovered to have been miscounted — and the county certified the election anyway! These are basically the […]