North Carolina Faced with Unverifiable Elections

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE View press release in .pdf format September 27, 2019. Transparent Elections NC, a group advocating for transparent, verifiable, and audible elections, is warning that one of the voting systems being considered by some North Carolina counties may jeopardize the validity of the 2020 elections. Beginning on December 1, 2019 counties […]

NY Times Covers Failed Investigation into North Carolina Voting Fiasco

Finally, really great reporting at the NY Times on election security.

“Michael Wines, who covers election issues for the Times, said that what stood out to him was the vulnerability of the nation’s vast Rube Goldberg election system. Elections, he explained, “are run by understaffed, underfinanced and sometimes undertrained local officials, serviced by outside contractors who may or may not be well vetted, conducted with equipment and software that may or may not be secure.”

And Matthew Rosenberg, who covers national security issues for the Times, discovered that the intelligence community’s conclusion — that the Election Day vote was not hacked — was extremely limited in scope.”

Read the full story at the NY Times website:

In Election Interference, It’s What Reporters Didn’t Find That Matters