Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County Superior Court Judge Kyle Bryson Affirms His Own Ruling and Pushes Case Back to the Appellate Court

AUDITAZJohn Brakey “The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die”     – Martin Luther King Pima County officials/employees tapped to supportYes! 1 and 2 RTA initiative in 2006 Well the status quo in Pima County wants this case – and the truth – to die. The case in question […]

Arizona Election Fraud: “In the Spirit of Cooperation, Let’s Not Look Into the Past”

J.T. Waldron By “taking the matter under advisement”, Judge Kyle Bryson kicked the can a little farther down the road last Monday and further postponed the hearing granted to the Libertarian Party by the appellate courts for prospective relief in rigged elections.  Litigation was prompted by the discovery of suspicious activity surrounding the 2-billion dollar […]

Arizona Election Fraud: Is Stealing Two Billion in Taxes a Crime Too Big to Prosecute?

J.T. Waldron GOLIATH: Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry How far will he go to block election transparency? After Arizona’s appellate courts ruled in favor of the Libertarian argument for prospective relief for rigged elections, serious efforts were initiated to ensure that justice remained an unobtainable dream.  The goal of the lawsuit, of course, is to make elections […]

Attorney Bill Risner Explains How Election Fraud Works in Pima County (Tucson) Arizona

John Brakey AUDIT-AZ Here is a video Clip of Attorney Bill Risner Explaining How Election Fraud Works in Pima County, (Tucson) Arizona: We’ve said nothing about the media blackout they done on this story. Maybe several millions spent on suppressing all of this? We know that an attorney fees Pima County has spent $1.3 million. […]