California To County Election Officials: You Must Preserve Digital Ballot Images from Voting Machines

California to Counties: Preserve All Ballot Images

AUDIT USA Urges Other States to Join California, Arizona, Maryland, Maine, Virginia, and Ohio in Following Federal Law In a win for election security, the California Secretary of State’s office notified county election officials that the law requires preservation of the digital ballot images created by the voting systems used in about half of California’s […]

Maine’s Secretary of State Understands that Digital Ballot Images are Public Records that Must Be Preserved

John Brakey with Matt Dunlap

Yesterday was a rare hopeful day in the life of this election transparency activist. I had the pleasure of meeting with the Honorable Matt Dunlap, Secretary of State of Maine. While 240 communities in Maine hand count all races in every election, other jurisdictions use electronic voting machines that produce digital ballot images. Dunlap assured […]