California To County Election Officials: You Must Preserve Digital Ballot Images from Voting Machines

California to Counties: Preserve All Ballot Images

AUDIT USA Urges Other States to Join California, Arizona, Maryland, Maine, Virginia, and Ohio in Following Federal Law In a win for election security, the California Secretary of State’s office notified county election officials that the law requires preservation of the digital ballot images created by the voting systems used in about half of California’s […]

Citizen’s Oversight Project Registers a “Big Win” for Election Integrity in San Diego


While updating us on the outcome, Ray Lutz of the Citizens’ Oversight Project informed us that: Yes, we have received the DECISION from Judge Joel Wohlfeil in our Election Audit Lawsuit! Big picture: We win! Bad news is that we did not win on every issue and we have another round of objections before we […]

Citizens’ Oversight Responds to Padilla’s “Okay to Rig the Election” Letter


CA Secretary of State Argues for Sham AuditsAll rationale in the letter are based on bad logic and inaccuracies, leaving huge holes in the audit process, green-lighting rigging in the November election MEDIA ADVISORY: WHAT: Press Conference with Ray Lutz and COPs participants WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 11 am WHERE: At the ROV office in San Diego, […]

In California, Ballots from Likely Clinton Voters Were Counted First While Unaudited Sanders-heavy Batches Came in Later

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.13.26 PM

J.T. Waldron After painstaking construction of spreadsheet data comparing batches of California 2016 Primary Election ballots counted from election day until now, elections expert John Brakey has found a pattern that is consistent with a technique that is aptly named the “strip, stack and hack” approach to election fraud. Brakey believes California election officials, in […]