The New York Times Campaigns on Behalf of Hillary Clinton, Against Donald Trump, While Ignoring Bernie Sanders, Denying Election Fraud and Perpetuating Myth of Russian DNC Hack


It helps sometimes to subscribe to the less credible establishment rags to understand the agenda of the U.S. security apparatus. This is based on what arrived in my mailbox during the convention from

Specious Claim of 7.2 Million Double Voters Used to Purge Voter Roles

Greg Palast 2

Writer Greg Palast, author of the best selling titles “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits” reveals how Republican operatives use a specious claim that 7.2 million people have voted twice. The motive is to purge legitimate voters from the roles. Palast is well known for pointing out Florida’s purge of […]

Arizona Election Fraud: Extreme Measures Taken by Pima County Suggest the RTA Election Was Rigged

Bill Risner observes Terry Goddard’s recount from behind glass. J.T. Waldron For the past seven years, Pima County used every conceivable legal maneuver to evade a simple audit and forensic exam of the 2006 RTA ballots. It’s time to abandon formalities and refer to this two billion dollar bond election for what it is: a […]