By Bev Harris of public elections back under public control. THE BRAKEY METHOD Preserve and make public the “ballot images” — Modern voting systems take a picture of every ballot, called a “ballot image.” Peg the ballot image to the actual ballot using a unique ID number (not connected to any voter identifier in […]

Part 2 – The Companies That Most Likely Used Fraction Magic This Year and Their Hiding Behavior


From Lori Grace at Here as promised is a detailed look at which companies may be using Fraction Magic this year. Two of them have a relationship with the Clinton Foundation. Their names are not to be found anywhere on the Clinton Foundation List of Granting Organizations. I am hoping that the American public will […]

Clark County NV is barring ALL outside oversight of the election process, to a degree I’ve never seen before. Emergency help needed here!

By Jim March Simpson Ongoing conversation and updates are available on REDDIT So s#!t got real in Nevada…Clark County specifically but the Vegas area is such a high percentage of the NV vote we might as well call it Nevada. The Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria is claiming that there is no public […]