Ballot Images Create a Paradigm Shift in Verifying Elections

2018 … A Paradigm Shift! Democracy depends on what we do! So please watch, learn, then share and help others get informed. Working together we can make a difference in the 2018 congressional primaries by making Elections transparent, trackable and publicly verified. I’m not making this up! This is from voting machine vendor ES&S’ literature […]



By Bev Harris of public elections back under public control. THE BRAKEY METHOD Preserve and make public the “ballot images” — Modern voting systems take a picture of every ballot, called a “ballot image.” Peg the ballot image to the actual ballot using a unique ID number (not connected to any voter identifier in […]

Part 2 – The Companies That Most Likely Used Fraction Magic This Year and Their Hiding Behavior


From Lori Grace at Here as promised is a detailed look at which companies may be using Fraction Magic this year. Two of them have a relationship with the Clinton Foundation. Their names are not to be found anywhere on the Clinton Foundation List of Granting Organizations. I am hoping that the American public will […]

Election Officials Dig in to Hide Potential Proof of Electronic Vote Rigging on Tuesday


By Ralph Lopez for Electronic Systems & Software DS200 Optical Scan Vote-Counting Machine Election officials across the country have denied requests from citizens to view and count the digital ballot images which are automatically generated in the majority of US voting precincts. The digital ballot images are a little-known feature of most US voting […]

Clark County NV is barring ALL outside oversight of the election process, to a degree I’ve never seen before. Emergency help needed here!

By Jim March Simpson Ongoing conversation and updates are available on REDDIT So s#!t got real in Nevada…Clark County specifically but the Vegas area is such a high percentage of the NV vote we might as well call it Nevada. The Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria is claiming that there is no public […]