AUDIT-USA Attorney Chris Sautter Debunks Alabama SOS’ Argument Against Saving Ballot Images

Attorney Chris Sautter with John Brakey of AUDIT-USA

AUDIT USA’s respected Washington, DC Election Attorney and recount expert Chris Sautter explains and debunks Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s argument against saving ballot images on Brad Friedman’s BradCast. Sautter explains that digital ballot imaging greatly simplifies and improves the recount and audit processes. He also shares some behind-the-scenes reaction to the latest battle […]

Bernie Sanders’ Election Attorney Will Consider Legal Options to Deal with Thousands of Disenfranchised Voters #REVOTEAZ

J.T. Waldron After the disgraceful election debacle in Arizona, Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign enlisted the help of Chris Sautter, a nationally recognized media strategist, an award winning documentarian and an election attorney who has worked on virtually every major election recount over the last thirty years.  Today, he visited the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors […]