ITS OUT! Part 6 – How the heist works, wholesale election fraud!


6 – Middlemen, Inside Access and the Manipulation Script – A fractional voting framework is treacherous because it can be scaled to run across multiple jurisdictions very quickly. False results precisely mimic known patterns to appear plausible. In the demonstration we performed, Smith’s one-size-fits-all utility showed that a person without any programming skills at all […]

Democratic Presidential Candidate “Rocky” De La Fuente Acknowledges Election Fraud


Democratic Presidential Candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente gives an account of his experience on the 2016 Presidential Primary Campaign trail to date. As a savvy businessman with a love of math, it wasn’t difficult for Rocky to discover where he was shorted in the various state primaries and caucuses. Rocky felt strong enough about […]

Specious Claim of 7.2 Million Double Voters Used to Purge Voter Roles

Greg Palast 2

Writer Greg Palast, author of the best selling titles “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits” reveals how Republican operatives use a specious claim that 7.2 million people have voted twice. The motive is to purge legitimate voters from the roles. Palast is well known for pointing out Florida’s purge of […]

Elections Expert Bev Harris Explains How Some People’s Votes Count More than Others


After extensive research and fact checking, elections expert Bev Harris has written a series of articles on revealing a racist, class oriented U.S. voting system that has nothing to do with popular consent of the governed. Vote-by-mail ballots are identified with each person who voted and assigned a weighted average that could be determined […]