These Certified Mail Receipts Are Like Winning Tickets in Their Hands


From John Brakey: We are happy because we have the 10 winning tickets in our hands. Now, after all these years including twelve for me forty for my friend and mentor Attorney Bill Risner.  Risner ran for county attorney in 1976 against the status quo in a historically dirty election in Pima county. Well, Bill and I can clearly see the light […]

AUDIT-AZ Lawsuit Update: Summary judgment was granted for Pima and Santa Cruz counties but not for Maricopa County

Update from Emily Levy: Election challenge case update: I just spoke with John Roberts Brakey. The judge will be issuing his final ruling tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. to the parties (including us) and at 8:30 to the media. After we rested our case, as is typical the defense moved for summary judgment. This means […]

Santa Cruz Fulfills Data Request With an Altered Audit Log

Citizens Against Rigged Elections (AUDITAZ) in Santa Cruz County, Arizona J.T. Waldron After months of delays and legal costs to taxpayers, the elections department in the small border county of Santa Cruz, Arizona, finally parted with a portion of their elections records. Santa Cruz’s audit logs for last August’s election are missing a portion of […]