Election Officials Dig in to Hide Potential Proof of Electronic Vote Rigging on Tuesday


By Ralph Lopez for Hubpages.com Electronic Systems & Software DS200 Optical Scan Vote-Counting Machine Election officials across the country have denied requests from citizens to view and count the digital ballot images which are automatically generated in the majority of US voting precincts. The digital ballot images are a little-known feature of most US voting […]

Clark County NV is barring ALL outside oversight of the election process, to a degree I’ve never seen before. Emergency help needed here!

By Jim March Simpson Ongoing conversation and updates are available on REDDIT So s#!t got real in Nevada…Clark County specifically but the Vegas area is such a high percentage of the NV vote we might as well call it Nevada. The Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria is claiming that there is no public […]

These Certified Mail Receipts Are Like Winning Tickets in Their Hands


From John Brakey: We are happy because we have the 10 winning tickets in our hands. Now, after all these years including twelve for me forty for my friend and mentor Attorney Bill Risner.  Risner ran for county attorney in 1976 against the status quo in a historically dirty election in Pima county. Well, Bill and I can clearly see the light […]

Election Chief in Colorado Signals She Will Destroy Ballot Records Which Could Prove Election Fraud


By Ralph Lopez for Hubpages.com Colorado election workers In response to a written request from an election integrity activist seeking to verify results in the November elections, the Jefferson County, Colorado, Director of Elections, Carrie Kellogg, has stated an intention to destroy what election watchdogs, and even Colorado state law, regards as protected public records. These […]

Jefferson County, Colorado Intends to Destroy Evidence (Ballot Images) in the 2016 General Election


Our colleague Jim March Simpson of BlackBoxVoting.org and AUDIT AZ noticed one county in Colorado that has the ES&SDS850 machines, which are capable of using numerically pegged ballot images. ES&S DS850 ballot images are a part of the chain of custody for the election. For the people of Jefferson County, these images can also be […]